Online discount codes – my experiences

I am an avid online shopper. Even though I never cared about shopping in the real world, there is something about getting all options on my fingertips and the convenience of ordering something from anywhere in the world, right from the comfort of my home that makes me ll this shopping means that I tend to spend too much time and money online and had to find a way to cut down on both.

Discount codes aggregators

Previously, I did not know or care about the number of naughty america discount vouchers available for online shopping. In fact, I used to shop indiscriminately and only came to my senses when my credit card bills arrived. Now, I never forget to check the available discount code for any website that I am shopping on. There are a number of sites that exclusively deal in such codes. They compile and aggregate the codes of the most popular shopping websites and you can get a list of such active codes just by logging in to them. These sites have helped me a lot by saving me a tonne of money on my purchases since I found out about them.

Sign up vouchers

To encourage more and more people to join their website and purchase through it, companies generally offer sign up bonuses or vouchers that you can use on your purchases. These vouchers are commonly of the type that gives you a flat amount off when your bill crosses a minimum amount ($20 off on $100 bill). These can be a great way to save some money, especially if you are like me and like to try out new and different brands every time you shop.

These are just some of the ways that I use to save money on my online shopping excursions. Whether you are new to this world of e-commerce or just want to save some money like me, these are ideas you can definitely use. Happy shopping!

Discount codes – Your weapon against the credit crunch

The economic downturn and the linked credit crunch has hit people hard. Families have had to cut back on not just discretionary spendings, but also essentials. Overall, they have had a devastating effect on the overall mood and happiness of the country and the world. Still, there is one glimmer of hope in all this gloom. As the economic climate has hit companies just as badly as they have people, they too are trying their best to get by and one way they are trying to get customers in through an age old tool – discount code. The discount code has been a part of our shopping experience forever and it was not uncommon for people to go shopping in particular stores just for using coupons that they received in the mail or cut out from the newspapers. The medium of distribution might have changed, but coupons are still very popular, and are a great help in these economic times.

Using a bangbros discount code:

I have had personal experience of using promo codes and discount vouchers in order to make money last longer. Burdened with student debts and working in a low paying job when I came out of college, life was not very joyous. I realised soon that one easy way to save money and even get an occasional treat was the use of discount vouchers. Whereas on the one hand, they could help me bring down my grocery bills, some discount codes could help me get a stylish pair of shoes at a fraction of the original price (which I could not afford to pay). Scrimping and saving is no longer necessary for me as I have gained experience and have moved to a well paying job, but old habits die hard. I still search for discount vouchers on the net and am not able to pass on a good deal even today.

Getting discount codes

There are many places where you can get discount codes. Let us have a look at what they are.

1. Online codes – If you are looking at online discount codes, you can search for them at a number of coupon sites that have cropped up. These function as an aggregator of coupons being offered by websites, brands, or any agencies. You can just visit these sites, enter your e-mail address, and get the coupons of your choice. Make sure to check these sites before you do your online shopping. These sites work best if you know which shopping site you are going to use.
2. QR codes – This is the new way of distributing discount voucher. QR codes are visual codes that can be embedded in websites, advertisements, pamphlets etc. and can be scanned using barcode scanners commonly available on your mobile devices. These are being used by both online and offline businesses as they are very popular due to the ease of use and novelty factor. You just wave your phone in front of the code and your bill is automatically discounted as per the discount code you get.
3. Local newspaper – This is the original place where discount vouchers and coupons were found, and there are still papers that carry them. You need to cut-out these coupons and take them along when you go shopping. The most common businesses that use such coupons are the grocers. They can save you a handsome amount if you plan properly and execute it.

Of course, there are many other places that you can get a discount code, but these are the ones that I use most frequently and have helped me save big. Hope they will be a great help to you too.

How to save money using a discount code?

Everybody loves discounts, and so do I. In fact, discounts have helped me purchase things that I might not have been able to afford otherwise. The best part about using discounts is that it is a way for us to save money while for the business, it is an opportunity to move inventory, get new customers, and reconnect with old customers. The fact is that discount codes and vouchers act as a lubricant to keep the engine of our economy going and have played a huge part in making things affordable for everyone. There is no one type of discount code, so let me tell you the various types of codes I have used and how you can utilise them.

Types of discount codes

1. Bulk buying discount code – This is the type of discount code everyone loves. You save money by purchasing larger packs or in bulk. These are available in supermarkets in the most part and are a great way for families to save some money. Of course, it is not the ideal type of discount you would like if you are a bachelor like me, but we’ll get our turn later. Some people also believe that such volume discounts are the primary reason for the huge amount of food and other products wasted around the world, however, if you are looking to save some money for your family, this is a great way to do it.
2. Percentage discount code – The most common type of discount available on apparels and accessories. The discount amount is a percentage of your total bill. This means that the more you shop, the more you save. It is a great way to get that dress you always wanted but could not afford. However, remember that this should not lead to senseless shopping.
3. Flat discount code – Another type of discount is when you get a cash discount on your bill. You might have a coupon that takes off $50 from your total bill. These are the preferred way to save money for most people as they can plan what they want to buy and control their spending. The only catch in this type of a deal is that there is generally a minimum purchase amount warranted. For example, you might get the $50 off reality kings discount only if your total bill is equal to or greater than $200. Even with such stipulations, the cash discount deals are the best way to save money as you know everything before you start your shopping.
4. Buy X, Get Y Free – This is a type of bulk buying discount but is presented in a unique way. Instead of getting a discount on what you are buying, you get to choose another product from the store for free. Although this looks a good deal on paper (and it is, in most cases), it can be a bit problematic. Let’s assume that you have a discount code for a ‘Buy 2, Get 1 Free’ on shirts. You have chosen 2 great shirts hat you absolutely love, but are not able to choose another one. The store won’t give you a discount in the two you have, and they won’t let you choose a pair of trousers instead of the third shirt; what are you to do? Ultimately you either ignore the offer, or choose something that you do not really like. Such is not the case with other deals discussed above.

I used such discount codes to great effect, and continue to do so. It is not hard to get coupons. Just choose the wight ones and get ready to have some great savings.